New Endometriosis Pamphlet ~


Okay so March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and in my search for printable materials I found literally nothing that was region-free, LGBT* friendly (being nonbinary myself I can assure you this is the hardest part), and contained information that could be sourced. So I decided to change that!

(More information behind the cut / Image Heavy)

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80 day weight loss challenge: days 30-32

30.    Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? i am not. i did the pescetarian thing for a few years but once i started working in an office, it was too much of a challenge for me to avoid it. and i missed meat.

31.    What are your favorite workout clothes you own? basically the only ones i own, my yoga pants and a t-shirt

32.    Try a new fruit today. Learn how to cut/eat it and enjoy! How was it? i genuinely don’t know what fruit i haven’t tried. vince bought celery root today though, i’ve never tried that so we’ll see what he can do to it

80 day weight loss challenge: days 23, 24, 25 & 26

wooowwwww, i have missed.. 3 days of my weight loss posts D: here, let me do them all now! (i’ve also been shit at working out but i just did today and it felt good and god dammit i will work out again tomorrow!)

23.    How much water do you usually drink in a day? depends on what i’m doing. i have a refillable water bottle and i usually down that twice at work. i drink less water at home unfortunately. unless i’m working out, then i chug about 3 glasses in an hour.. i drank more on a consistent basis in AZ because of the heat, i miss it.

24.    Have you ever had an eating disorder? no. the closest maybe was just not wanting to eat? but i love food all the time, all of it. always. yep.

25.    Today you will try a new smoothie. Find a new healthy recipe online and mix & match fruits and veggies and enjoy! But it must be totally new and adventurous! well this questions is for yesterday so. i had a chewed up food smoothie and it was great.

26.    Do your friends know about you wanting to lose weight? Do they support you? a few of them do and of course. i even helped motivate my friend to go back to the gym. i don’t want to shove it in their faces that i want to lose weight but even today before my boyfriend left for work he said “don’t forget to do a valentine’s day workout!” he is my favorite.



Could all the girls with endometriosis please message me about the symptoms you all have? feeling a bit helpless with all the pain and being undiagnosed :(

I can’t seem to message you so i will just reblog and hope you see this.

my symptoms have been really bad cramps leading up to and during my period. These basically started when I was 13 and have gone on until I was in my 20s. Thats when I got sharp pains, the worst forcing me to stay in bed hopped up on pain killers.

I have a really sensitive stomach and digestive issues sometimes go hand in hand with endo. Sex can be painful, both during and after. Some women have really heavy bleeding and irregular periods (when I’m not on BC, mine are irregular but light).

Other symptoms are pain going to the bathroom, lower back and leg pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety.. It’s all different to each woman. I hope you can see a Dr who understands what you’re going through. You (and anyone else reading this) is more than welcome to message me with any more questions about endo or my personal experience with it.